Save The Date: Sheppard Moscow Event, Dublin.

As experienced OD consultants Sheppard Moscow specialises in Leadership and Team Development.  Sheppard Moscow has skills and experience to bring about effective sustainable change in Senior Teams to drive business growth. Our commitment to developing leaders has given us the opportunity to make a real impact for our clients in Ireland, a place we have called a home for nearly 25 years.  With a small open-economy, a great talent pool and attractive tax structure, Ireland is home to key players from a range of global industries, from the denizens of the Silicon Docks, to the sleek world class pharma factories of Cork, and Sheppard Moscow is proud to support leaders in tapping into the capabilities of their people here, as well as in their international operations.  We know how to foster team growth and transform relationships for organizational success. Our global clients in Ireland include leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Mylan, Sanofi & AbbVie and telecommunications leader Vodafone, and we work with significant Irish organisations such as food retail market leader the Musgrave Group, forestry & wood products company Coillte, and internationally renowned medical educator the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).  This breadth provides us with a good understanding of the business challenges facing Irish business leaders, whether in multi-national or more local contexts.


Sheppard Moscow breakfast seminars are where we get to showcase the forward thinking and inclusive development which has made us a leader of in our field.  These interactive events involve an exploration of the future of leadership development and of what it takes to transform the effectiveness of senior teams.  


On the 18th of October we look forward to hosting a breakfast seminar aimed at exploring what’s next for leadership and senior team development. We have invited Prof Peter Hawkins, a leading academic and practitioner, to provide key insights to future learning.  Along with our consultants, during this 2 hour interactive session there will be great opportunities to share insight through panel discussions, chats in table groups and around the coffee stand!   We look forward to sharing the thoughts that emerge around the future of team engagement and leadership development.


This 2-hour interactive session will be a place for attendees to engage with like-minded leaders and specialists gain new perspectives.  They will share insights and learn not only from Sheppard Moscow and Peter Hawkins, but importantly from leading expert peers, with deep experience of team engagement and leadership development in partnership with Sheppard Moscow.


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14 Jul 2016

Save The Date: Sheppard Moscow Event, Dublin.

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